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Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad (MGRC) was founded in 2004, has a wealth of experience in genome sequencing and genetic screening services. The screenings on various human, animal, plant and microbial genomes are offered to customers, worldwide.

MGRC was awarded BioNexus status in 2007, and was listed on Malaysia’s ACE Market in October 2010. Today, MGRC operates one of the largest bio computational centers for genomics in the region. The company’s scientific expertise, proprietary analysis applications and latest technology are optimized to help customers extract meaningful information from their genetic data. MGRC end-to-end genomics services comprise of:

  • Genome Sequencing
  • Genome Analysis

FWC Partner

The engagement of MGRC and FWC in this project involves genome sequencing for plants and genetic screening for humans. Herbs that grow in Malaysia such as hempedu bumi, misai kucing, kacip fatimah, belalai gajah and many others comprise an ever-growing list of genome sequencing testing candidates. Products from FWC, namely the Cultured Coconut Extract and Edible Bird’s Nest (EDB) are also included in genome sequencing testing.

The joint venture between FWC and MGRC on genetic screening is known as Dtect. Dtect comprises a range of genetic tests that is designed to screen the DNA for known genetic markers. These markers, also known as variants, are associated with the risks for diseases. Each Dtect test is customised for a specific group of diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and pediatric diseases. Results from Dtect testing can help manage health for the general population.

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