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Neopeutics is a drug discovery contract research partner built around cutting-edge systems biology technology. The company was founded by Dr. Harlizawati (Izza) Jahari, a Malaysian research fellow, and Professor Nevan Krogan, a systems biology researcher at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Neopeutics is a Bionexus status company with office and laboratory facilities in Penang, Malaysia and in San Francisco, California, USA.

Neopeutics’ primary focus is the development of new therapeutics with particular emphasis on the exploration of traditional Malaysian medicines and Malaysia’s extensive bio-diversity using their innovative drug discovery platform. Neopeutics offers its clients and partners a robust and cost effective set of tools that can be utilized in a variety of contexts in the drug discovery process. The company’s key technology is their proprietary ChemoMAP® technology package, a unique high-throughput cell- based technology built around cross-species discovery platforms. In addition to the specific strengths of the above packages, Neopeutics offers its clients a full spectrum of early drug discovery capabilities, from compound elucidation to ADMET and animal testing through its extensive network of partners and collaborators.

Partnering FWC

Neopeutics is FWC’s primary contract research partner in the development of FWC FORMULAÉ. It’s primary role will be the provision of services aimed at therapeutic compound discovery and product innovation and development within the FWC FORMULAÉ product line. Neopeutics will work to develop patentable and market viable therapeutics from FWC’s sources for the American market in particular, and the global market in general. All Intellectual Property (IP) developed from Neopeutics activities with FWC will be owned by FWC and Malaysia.

Company Information

Name : Harlizawati (Izza) Jahari, PhD
Designation: Co-founder & Executive Director
Phone No : +1 415 518 6128 (USA); + 604 6564342 (Malaysia)
Email Address :
Website :