Pioneering and Partnering Innovation.
Research & Development

FWC seeks to leverage new technologies and strategies in bio-pharmaceutical research & development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. We do this in our own extensive R & D and clinical trial programmes. FWC is the only company in Malaysia that is successfully pursuing botanical drug development. FWC also collaborates with top biotech facilities and biopharma companies from around the world to push the innovation envelope. We engage contract research organisations (CROs) such as Neopeutics, Inc. of San Francisco, a leader in geomapping and chemical fingerprinting to identify active agents/compounds.

Gordagen, Pty, another collaborative effort, involves tocotrienol extraction and processing from oil palm – a rich source of Vitamin E and known anti-oxidant –as well as proprietary technology on sub-lingual drug delivery systems.

Harvesting Nature’s Nutraceutical Garden of Eden

 Malaysia, with its extensive rainforests, is blessed with an incredible bio-diversity –  a veritable floracopia, second only to the Amazon Basin; a profusion of over 3,000 plant species, both common and rare, many with proven biopharmaceutical applications, and many more still to be discovered.  Plants like Tongkat Ali (Longjack), Belalai Gajah (Clinathus), Misai Kuching (Orthosiphon Stamineus), Tumeric, and Buah Bidara (Jujube) are just a few known to have health benefits.  Some botanical drugs may not grow in sufficient quantities, or lack sufficient potency or specificity, therefore requiring development of new technologies for large-scale production.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Federal Land Development Authority Malaysia (FELDA), the world’s largest palm oil plantation company, with over a half-century of experience and expertise, FWC is ideally positioned to harness these botanical drugs, as well researching and developing the next generation of bio-pharmaceuticals with the potential to revolutionize the market – and wellness outcomes.